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A letter from our President 

Dr. James I. Stewart
President and CEO, IBTS

We are living in a chapter of unprecedented challenges. It is a time when everything is being reassessed: Our economy, our family structures, our finances, and our faith. Yet, to a large degree, our future will be defined by those who will be able to embrace these challenges, apply innovative ideas to them, and all the while, remaining true to the Word of God.

This is a time to be exceptional, and Immanuel Seminary has decided to rise to that call.  Where some may see crisis, others see solutions.  At IBTS, we are developing leaders with the vision and stamina who will make the best use of our times.  We have chosen to allow these challenges to better our abilities to serve the purposes of God in this generation.  We will rise at times like these and bring biblical answers to a world crying out for leadership.


There has never been a greater need for globally thinking Christians who not only have acquired knowledge but who can apply the principles of the timeless Word of God in the marketplace and ministry.

There has never been a more critical time for exemplary leaders, nor has there ever been a better time to become one!  So, take a few moments to visit with us online, and if God is calling you to make a difference, I will be waiting for you.

Immanuel Bible Baptist Theological Seminary 

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